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A Sustainable, Build-to-Rent Community in Ellenton, Florida

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Experience the pinnacle of care-free living with OurLives, a single family residential experience with luxurious amenities combined with commercial and retail offerings, all within a professionally-managed community.



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Sustainable Living in the Heart of Manatee County


OurLives, from Pearl Homes -- a leader in sustainable and affordable housing solutions -- is a fully-integrated single-family residential master planned community, filled with amenities and features tailored for you and your family.

By expanding our commitment to sustainability from the building-scale to the neighborhood-scale using traditional neighborhood design principles, our goal with OurLives will bring we are creating pedestrian-oriented places that weave sustainability into every facet of our residents' lives.

Our goal is to create shared spaces, such as daycares, groceries, coffee shops, easy access with bicycles and scooters, and more, all catering to the variety of lifestyles in the community, but importantly, creating and fostering positive social interactions. We not only want to raise the bar for sustainability in the development industry, we want to make it attainable at the same time. If we are ever to collectively make a positive impact on our planet and each other, we believe that sustainable living in people-oriented places should be attainable for teachers, first responders, single parents, veterans, nurses, and the workforce at large.


Number of Units


Land Size

160 Acres


900,000 SF

Light Industrial/Office/ Retail

150,000 SF


Parking Spaces



Leasing Date


Property Info
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A Pearl Homes Community


Low-Cost Homes

Reasonable monthly rents for single-family neighborhood living

Professional Management

Ease of living without burdens of traditional homeownership

Private Outdoor Living

Every home features enclosed backyard living spaces



720 unit master planned community located in Ellenton, Manatee County, FL



Explore Beautiful Manatee County

Rustic Beach Path

Close proximity to Manatee

County's gorgeous

local beaches

Healthy Lunch

Enjoy fresh, local cuisine with full spectrum of dining options nearby

Children Arriving at School

Walking distance to Manatee's strong school system, including the adjacent Blackburn Elementary School

OurLives strives to develop a more pedestrian-oriented infrastructure model that follows the planning and design principles of “new urbanism” communities. OurLives will utilize community gardens, composting, recycling, and communal tools, as well utilizing the community’s bargaining power to secure discounts and exclusive offers for residents frequenting the businesses operating within the community. Most of the residences will be within a short walk from the center of the community. Shops and businesses will be targeted for the daily needs of each household, such as providing daycares, small coffee shops, or spaces for food vendors.


The project’s close proximity to the Blackburn Elementary School will importantly help to foster a safe environment for children living within the community. By affording children the option to walk or bike to school, congestion during pick-ups and drop-offs can be reduced—all working to improve children’s overall health and social bonds. Teachers and parents will also have places to meet for after-school activities. Roadways within the community itself will encourage an environment for bicycles and pedestrians.


Units will feature cutting-edge, efficient design for increased comfort. All of the apartments in OurLives will feature the latest, unparalleled and modern features and amenities that deliver a preeminent living experience, but at an affordable price and without the traditional burdens of homeownership. Household amenities include decorative lighting, stainless steel energy-efficient appliances by GE, high efficiency WaterSense fixtures, Google Smart Home technology with built in speakers.

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